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Sup Francisco

A few months ago I decided to move to San Francisco and try to figure life out. Weird, I know. It's a highly creative city for me and I wanted to best see if moving away to such a new location (originally from LA) could help find that assurance in my creative capabilities.

Right before I moved, my brother gifted me with a Canon 60D with a Sigma 50mm lens to help me on this journey.

He simply said "You better make sure you use it."

With that I started going out and taking photos, shooting videos and trying to self-teach myself in this art form. With that said, so far I feel good and whether or not it works out, at least I'm giving it a shot.

Here are my photos for this class project:

1. L\VIS (Candid Photo): One of my first real attempts to go out and shoot the city of San Francisco. A longtime friend wanted to take me out and show me the ropes of basics in photography. We went around the Potrero Hill area talking photos, careers and where to eat. My goal here was to capture a fellow photographer in the moment. What I loved about this was the negative space as he was setting up a long exposure shot. It was interesting to see how focused a photographer can be and not notice they themselves are the subject matter.


2. Pork Belly (Motion): When I first starting taking photos, I always loved trying to tak things in perspective. Making small space appear large and vice versa. Often not so successful but occasionally I'll get something that I can't deny isn't so bad. This was taken of a watering system at a local OC restaurant.


3. Le Meridien (Look Up): This photo was taken on the balcony of my hotel at Le Meridien in San Francisco's Financial District. Like many, I never really considered the "look up" photos as such. I was sitting in a low profile chair, looked up and wanted to take a photo of it. Nothing special here. What it did remind me of is something out of a Western Sci-Fi genre of triangular shape, lines but yet still archaic in the material being used.


4. 20th Street (Night-Motion): My first ever long exposure shot on the 20th St. overpass in the San Francisco Dogpatch area. I had always wanted to try one of these and after various articles, attempts and videos on how to best capture one of these, this is the product of it. Simple, basic and it's something I am very proud of. I was able to time it perfect to get the right number of "light streaks" (in my opinion) and was able to get the city skyline in there.



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