Sunshiny Star Mandala

Sunshiny Star Mandala - student project

I spent a very relaxing afternoon playing around with this template, just me and my black ink pen. It turns out that my go-to move is straight lines like hatching, I really like filling space like that. I had to remind myself to incorporate some S shapes into it.

Sunshiny Star Mandala - image 1 - student project

Originally I was going to just do pencil shading as a variation, I really liked that example but I've been working with pencil a lot as part of another project so it was more fun to pull out my pencil crayons and fill it in with my favourite colour combination.

Sunshiny Star Mandala - image 2 - student project

This was a lot of fun! It was relaxing to know that the basic shape of the mandala was in place and symmetrical, even if I wanted to do an asymmetrical pattern to fill it in. Thanks for the instruction and the templates ;D

Jody Linn
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