Sunshine | Skillshare Projects

Sacil Armstrong

Mindful Art Maker & CZT




I chose the word sunshine. Below is the moodboard I created for my postcard.


I worked through several variations of lettering.


I'll get to the computer part in the next few days and post an update.

I decided the swirls were too much for a beginner using vector points and I retraced the word Sunshine and made rounded letters to mimic a round sun.


I don't have Illustrator, so I downloaded Inkscape, a free open source vector program, and this is my first trace. You can see where the segments of my letters connect, but I will fix this and work on making the ends similar. Some are rounded and others have a little more edge. My lower case S also has a much thicker bottom than the capital S and my E needs plenty of work. The stem of the H isn't quite working with the rest of the letters. I think the bottom left corner might need to be rounded more. However, for my first trace in a vector program, I'm pretty pleased.


finally got around to making my postcard! The letters are a little fuzzy, but this was a fun process.



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