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Amanda Amyx

Design Researcher in Chicago, IL



Sunshine Serenity

Hi!  I'm Amanda, a budding design researcher based in Chicago, IL.  I joined this class because, though I am not formally trained as a designer, I am incredibly interested in developing my design skills.  In particular, I am interested in becoming fluent in visual communication, handlettering included :)

For my phrase, I have chosen one that suits my personality quite well.  It is borrowed from a brilliant collective of poets called StoryPeople.  The full quote is:

"hard to impress because she's already seen the sun rise today & it doesn't get much better than that."

I've shortened it to be 11 words (damn, only 1 over!):

"hard to impress because she's already seen the sun rise today."

There is nothing more serene to me than being completely warm, content, and fulfilled from a beautiful morning sunrise.  This quote makes me very happy.

Looking forward to seeing how my classmates progress and develop their projects.  Very excited to take time to take part of this class.

Talk soon,


link to my google document for the class, which includes my mood board


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