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Anna Day

Calligrapher & Designer



Sunshine Coast

Favourite Mugs


My Project

I live in the Sunshine Coast region, a bit north of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. I love living here, so I decided to design an enamel mug to promote the region. 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the naming of this area. Various celebrations will take place during the year, with opportunities to sell or give away these mugs.

The Sunshine Coast has much to offer tourists: great weather for much of the year, beach, surf, bush tracks, restaurants, wineries. Pineapples and ginger are important crops.

I chose a sun and surf theme. I often go for a walk on the beach as the sun is rising, and there is always someone surfing. A somewhat retro style is appropriate to a 50th anniversary.


I spent most of my drawing time on the lettering.

I made a rough pencil sketch to scale, but realised I needed to work larger.


My next step was an ink drawing at 200%.


I scanned the ink drawing and used it to make a vector drawing.


I had made a vector drawing of the sun inspired by an old poster for another Skillshare class. With some tweaking it seemed perfect for this project.


My design continues around the printable area of the cylindrical surface of the mug.


Here are the different views on the Emalco template. I decided not to use any artwork inside the mug since according to the instructions only black and white can be used there and I did not want to introduce either of these colours. The bottom of the mug shows a map of Australia with a dot indicating the Sunshine Coast. I purposely extended the wave patterns beyond the edges of the mug in these views as a reminder that the design will be foreshortened because of the curvature of the mug, so more waves will be seen than if I had just cut the pattern at the edge of the mug shape. In my design I have intentionally extended the flames of the sun shape slightly more horizontally than vertically because the curvature will make it look less wide.


Another Version

After completing the design I experimented with using the same colours in different positions. If Bright Turquoise were available as an inside colour I might use it in this version.



In the first version I like the way the yellow sparkles like sunshine against the turquoise, and the dark silhouette of the wave pattern and surfer. In the second I like the drama of yellow and orange against the dark marine. Probably only someone familiar with the actual enamel colours could make the best choice.


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