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Sunshine Beach Picnic

Oh how I wish I would have more time to work on this project. I've been thinking of ideas, colors, and I've been sketching during my free time. Above is one of the sketches that I like the most. Well, I just hope I'll get to finish on time, there's lots to do. 

Hi everyone! I'm finally getting started on this project, yeii I'm super excited! I've been thinking about the project for a couple of days, and I just started brainstorming.

For my project, I envision a Summer beach picnic very gourmet with vibrant colors and lots of fruits and veggies. One of the things that I would like to evoke is a feeling of happiness and joy through the use of saturated colors and simple forms.

I still haven't decided on my color palette, but I'm sure is gonna include a blue or aquamarine color.

Today, I visited a Whole Foods store, and got lots of design inspiration and ideas. Here's a picture that I took from the produce department.

Well, this is what I have for now, I hope I can keep up with the class, I'll keep you updated. Have an awesome day everybody!!!


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