Sunset - student project

Painting gradients are HARD!


This must have been my 3rd try to get that bugger right. Complexities ranged from trying to stop the paint from buckling, to trying to prevent the paint from muddying. In fact, at one point the paint bled through the masking tape and to the back of the paper, that's why I dont have a white boarder on my painting. I had to cut it of when I was done because of how dirty it looked. 

Honestly, this was difficult for me to master, and by the second try I almost gave up. But I pushed, and the teacher was so encouraging. I think that even though my piece isn't as great as I want it to be, it came out alright (: 

Sunset - image 1 - student project


Sunset - image 2 - student project

Materials Used: Pentel Watercolors (24 pk, student grade) and some Reeve's student watercolors, #10 Robert Simmons White Sable brush, #1 Winsor & Newton Special Value, 140lb paper. 

Kaylan Achong
Aspiring Watercolourist