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Sunset at The Pergola

I've never done a fashion shoot before, so this will be interesting. I'm working together with an old colleague of mine who's good with make-up (I am not). I want to celebrate autumn and it's wonderful colours, to show how it affects us. We go from wearing floaty summer dresses to wrapping up in warm cosy knits. Our mood changes. I personally get more mellow; I use every minute to go out into nature and pay close attention to how everything changes daily. The colours of autumn overwhelm me, and I'm not even in the best place for witnessing it in all its grandour (London, England). 

12th Nov 2013 -

Today I went location scouting. I already had an idea where I wanted to shoot the final pictures, so I went there and snapped a ton of images of the location. It's a pergola in Hampstead Heath. It's quite hidden and not many people make the effort to go and visit it. but wow it's just such a beautiful place! I also collected some leafs and berries - anything I could find, that would help me with the colour palette of the clothes and make-up of the model.

Nov 26th-

I haven't found a model yet, in fact, I haven't looked yet, because I'm a big chicken! This is why I enrolled in this, to get out of my comfort zone. My usual work is thinking on the spot and creating photos in a fast paced environment without much pre-planning. That is a great skill to have, but I feel unable to create a moodboard, source models and think about set-ups. With this I think I've even driven away my Make-up friend, who's used to working that way. 
Anywho, must jump over my shadow and go and do it anyway, as the leafs are really falling now, and soon all those lovely colours will be gone!

Aiming to shoot this weekend!!! Wish me luck :-)

Here are some more shots of the location at least:

5th December '13----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wow, this is make-up friend 'abandoned' me, so I will have to do make up and styling myself - omg I have no clue about fashion and will just have to make it up as I go along. Bought a ton of fashion mags and went browsing.

Model: I will use my niece who's visiting this weekend. She's a shorty, but a gorgeous one! Lighting will be made up as I shoot, as the weather is unpredictable at the moment. I can only pray for a non-rainy day!

I will shoot 3 photos in each of the 3 locations I chose in the pergola:

By the pond --- In the 'room' --- In the walkway by the comlumns

1 landscape - medium crop

1 portrait - full body standing

1 portrait - portrait crop

7th Dec 13 - UPDATE

Model cancelled, as my niece, the model in this case, wasn't able to fly in (flight cancelled). Panicked and was annoyed, but organised another model for tomorrow's shoot! Good luck to me!

9th Dec '13-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I finally did my shoot, yesterday, with my new model (an old colleague) and all went well, until... I arrived home ready to copy the files to my hard drive and I discovered that one of my 3 SD cards was missing. I spent the whole evening taking everything apart, camera bag, coat, pockets - I checked everything 5000times - nothing. It wasn't here. This morning I went back to the Pergola and went to all the places we shot; I went there and back and there and back - nothing. I called the pub where we had a drink afer the shoot - no, nothing either.

I feel destroyed and so sad, because even though i will be able to show 2-3 final shots, I'm missing a whole entire set-up and outfit shot on an amazing balcony with the most amazing view! 

Let this be a lesson to all of us - no matter how new you are to photography, or how professional you think you are, shi* like this can still happen - I am beating myself up for this mistake, but am so so glad this wasn't a real assignment, where I would've gotten into major trouble... aaaannnnd relax - here's my contact sheet (edit):

And here is my penultimate processed edit - I'm not sure which 2-3 to choose as my final images. Any suggestions anyone? ThanX!

12thDec 2013 - FINAL IMAGES:____________________________________________________


I chose these 3 images because I strived for variaty, yet aiming to create cohesion within the spread. As I mentioned above, i have never done any type of fashion shoot before, and this was a wonderful experience to begin a new journey of learning a different type of photography.

I would relaly really appreciate constructive criticism, so I can improve and build upon my skills.

XXX- Anna.


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