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Sunset On Geary

One day, I happened to be walking on the pedestrian bridge over Geary Boulevard close to sunset. I really liked the lines the road made and the city feel so I took a shot with my iPhone.


I liked the composition of the photo and had a good feeling I could work with this photo. The lines all point towards a single point, giving the photo a strong perspective. The washed out light from the sky was a little concerning but the headlight reflections and overall lighting and symmetry made it something I wanted to work on.


First, I took the photo into SKRWT and corrected some of the distortion. I know that I'm going to love this app.


I then took the photo into Snapseed. There wasn't too much for me to do here because I had a feeling I wanted to do something drastic later with the VSCO filters. I added a little structure and tried boosting the contrast and ambiance a little but I had no setting over +10.

In VSCO, I started by square cropping my photo. I chose to have a the lane divider go down the middle of the photo because that's where I was standing when I took the photo. I think this was a better shot than centering on the road divider (by moving to the right). The balance would have been a little more off because of the number of cars in each direction although the juxtaposition could be interesting.

VSCO Treatments

C2 [+7]

I thought C2 did an interesting job of adding a little warmth to the photo while keeping the shot clean.

B4 [+6]

I like how the B&W gives the photo a dramatic feel and brings out the lights and highlights while hiding the noise. Although there are no colors, you can feel the sun's presence in the reflections.

FINAL: HB1 [+9]

Initially, I chose to go with the previous B4 version over this one but in the end, I like the urban mood HB1 gives to the photo. The cars look more slick and you see the yellows and reds, which I think add to the photo.

Hope you enjoyed this project! I'm trying hard to refine my photography skills and sharing my work. Browse my instagram _paulshen. Thanks!


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