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Sunrise/Sunset (Hums Fiddler on the Roof)

Sorry, sorry about the title, I couldn't help myself. I'm an amateur mobile photographer (clearly not a comedian). I shoot on my iPhone 6 and edit primarily using VSCOCam or occassionaly Snapseed on my iPad.

Recently I took a group of students up to Bathurst Island in the Northern Territories in Australia. We had to overnight in Darwin before flying out the next morning so we went down to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets to grab something to eat that night. Just before perusing the food stalls, I grabbed this shot of a fishing boat heading home for the night.

I cropped and straightened it with VSCOCam and applied a couple of saturation and color tweaks in Photos on my Mac before posting it here. Other than those minimal changes, the colors are what we had on that night back in June.


I'm also including a sunrise shot that I took last year out on some friend's cattle station. I'd just gotten my iPhone 6 and wanted to see what the camera could do. I got up early one morning as the mist & fog were rising and nabbed this shot of the sun burning through. It has such a great grey to orange color palette I haven't messed with it much. I love the way the light creates almost a pastel feel.


Finally, on that same morning I got this a little while later. The clarity of the macro of the iPhone 6 just blew me away; if you zoom in enough, you can see the horizon, inverted in each drop of water of the web. This composition may be a bit over done, it even feels bit cliche to me, but I love this shot.



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