Sunrise Coffee Company

Sunrise Coffee Company - student project


For this project I am going to design a label for a fictional coffee product with the tentative name "Southern Roast Brewing Co."  This is my first time doing any kind of graphic design/illustrative work so if you could provide feedback I would really appreciate it. 

Initial Idea:

As you can see in my mood board I would like this product to have a laid-back, comfortable vibe: the kind of coffee you wake up to early on a Saturday morning on your front porch before anyone else in the house is up. This is how I enjoyed my coffee while on vacation in Cape May last summer so I want to reflect that relaxed feeling in my work.  This product is meant to be enjoyed slowly rather than chugged before running out the door on your way to work. Even if you are in a rush while drinking it (which is kind of inevitable), I would like it to bring you back to that front porch so you can enjoy the taste and remember to slow down. 

Sunrise Coffee Company - image 1 - student project

Sketch #1:

In my first sketch I started to play around with an aerial view of a cup and saucer. It has proven to be difficult already but I think once i bring in the color and fix the handle of the cup on the right side it will be easier to see. Inside the cup there will be a silhouette of a porch rocking chair in white and the surrounding space would be a deep, rich brown. I would also like there to be some kind of floral design on the saucer to give it a more outdoorsy look. As for the text-still working on what I want to do with that. I chose somewhat of a lengthy name so it will take a while to get some consistency in the lettering. 

                            Sunrise Coffee Company - image 2 - student project

Sketch #2:

After doing this sketch I realized that the rocking chair silhouette in the coffee cup may make it harder for the customer to see the aeriel view of the coffee. I also tried working out some color ideas to see if what I had in mind would work together. Using markers didn't work out that well since they bled with the black ink a little bit. Overall-I don't love the second sketch but it's up here to show my thought process. 

Sunrise Coffee Company - image 3 - student project

Sketch #3:

I decided to stray away from the rocking chair idea, but keep the cup and saucer and see what I could do with it so it is more recognizable The top half of the label worked out better than I thought in color, but I think I am going to play around a little more with the type to make it stand out. I also like that the design on the saucer but I think I will make it symmetrical so both sides mirror each other in the next sketch. I am also going to approach the text inside of the coffee cup a different way so it stands out more. I would like to see if this would look more vibrant if I tried it in marker again. I definitely like the color scheme more than sketch #2. 

                                Sunrise Coffee Company - image 4 - student project