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May 31st, 2013

Hey everyone!

Here is my board :D I have never used Pinterest before but I've got say that it's pretty fun!

June 1st, 2013

Here are some skeches that I did today:

Here are some backstories:

Pirate 1 - During the war, he was not only left behind by his comrades but he was also abducted by aliens. The aliens did all types of experiments on him and one being attaching a robotic arm to his body to see if it would work. Well it did  and with it he escaped from the aliens. However, when he returned to Earth none of his comrades beilived him and so he decided to become a pirate and sail the eleven seas.

Pirate 2 - Once a slave but now a free man. All his life people have tried to kill him. Some have come close but he still lives. He once was captured by biggest ship in the royal navy and it seemed as though he would die on it. However, that was no the case. He killed everyone and now he wears a cannon on his head that was once on that ship and carries the skull of leader of the ship.

Pirate 3 - He once worked as a blacksmith in the most wealthy city in the world. His business was booming and he was a very happy man. One day the royal guards started to harass a young boy nearby where he worked and he stepped in to tell them to stop. In response, the gaurds put him in jail and took away all his money that he had worked so hard to acquire. He swore vengence against the state and banded with the pirates.

Pirate 4 - An old legend. He was once the most known pirate in the world because he had harpooned and caught the great pink whale of the east. Or so he says. No one has ever seen this 'great pink whale' that he speaks of. He drinks and curses wildy but he is no amatuer with the harpoon.

Pirate 5 - A young lad from a good family. Well, a good pirate family. He is not the skilled nor the bravest but he is the clumsiest. He lost his arm when he was apprenticing with a knight once and he had forgot to look both ways before swinging his sword.

Pirate 6 - A great cook but a lousy friend. He will steal your money if you look away for a second. He has been on 5 differnt ships and every time he was kicked out because he tried to steal from the captain.

Pirate 7 - A deranged leprechaun that was captured by pirates as they were raiding an Irish trading ship. They found hm as a baby and took care of him. He has a tendency to spit and laughs like a maniac. He scares most people away with his look but he is a sweetheart when you get to know him.

Pirate 8 - The most feared pirate in the world. He has been to hell and back. A master swordsmith and an ace with the pistol, he can defeat any enemy that stands in his way. He has horrible hygeine and a nasty habit of letting out unbearable farts.

Pirate 9 - He was born in a royal family and had his future planned out for him. Then one day his family moved to another country and left him behind. He is a lazy chap so he didn't bother to look for them. Instead he decided to become a pirate. He had a thing for exotic birds.

Also, here is a quick color study of pirate 8:

Here is a process shot of what I have so far. I decided to go with the pirate with the robotic arm, since I like robots ;) I've been a little busy lately so I have'nt progress further than this but in the coming weeks I will start to render things out!

UPDATE! - I've fnished my block-in in Illustrator. Next step, RENDERING! :D

FInal Render! Still have tweaks to do but it's pretty close to completion!

Also, here is the final character without the background:

I also started some characters outside of the pirate realm:

Stay tuned!


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