Sunny reading spot (before & after)

Sunny reading spot (before & after) - student project

Sunny reading spot (before & after) - image 1 - student project

This corner in our sun room was lacking contrast and interest, with a lot of muted pinks/yellows making it feel too 'old-lady' for my preference. After this course, I was inspired to add some deeper complimentary colours (red and a dark green), and I'm really happy with the outcome! Once COVID is over, I will search my local thrift stores for a larger wicker basket for the plant (working only with what's currently in the house, given the circumstance!)

Sunny reading spot (before & after) - image 2 - student projectSunny reading spot (before & after) - image 3 - student project

I also used the tips included in this course to re-organize the coffee table (which currently feels a tad 'Home Sense' for me at the moment, so will continue to adjust!)

Sunny reading spot (before & after) - image 4 - student project