Sunny day from stormy weather

Hi guys!

After watching the lessons, I felt like trying to make my own Valentine's Day card project and -why not- create something cute with the things I learned. Once I came up with the idea for the card, I sketched the characters to be vectorized in Illustrator.

Although I wanted to do some things differently, this is the final result:

I had some trouble with options for moving type, since I don't know the effects well yet. Although I tried some, I still need to watch a few classes on the subject to know what I can do... Same goes for the rain, which I wanted to fall a bit differently, connected with the cloud movement in a more organic way.

But! I gave it a go with what I know so far, and I hope you guys like it! :) As usual, comments/likes/suggestions are appreciated.

Greetings from Brazil and many thanks to Jake for this informative class :)


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