- "Your Wedding Dreams Come True" - "Your Wedding Dreams Come True" - student project

My project is to develop online matrimonial webportal This will be the first commercial online portal in Nepal for a person of any religion in Nepal who wishes to find a suitable life partner for himself\ herself. 

Nepal has always been rooted in tradition and religious beliefs. Traditional Nepali marriages involve parents choosing their son or daughter’s future spouse. In general every marriages takes into account of number of variables: language, religion, caste, education, family’s economic level in the society etc. In Nepal, marriages are considered both the religious and social ceremony.

 At present, there is no commercial match making website in Nepal. Marriage bureaus and classified ads in the newspapers are still in the primitive stage. With the growth of social media and internet, things have started to change slowly. In the recent years Nepal has seen the growth of 160 percent in the internet users. So, internet as a medium of match making takes away geographical limitations and is thereby more efficient than the traditional avenues for searching our life partner.