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Kane Wilson

Beat Maker & MC



Sunhawk Recordings

Our mission here at Sunhawk Recordings is to assist producers, djs, singer/song writers, and bands in getting their music to the level the music industry demands. We are not promising you a record deal simply by using us, but we can promise you a better response from your fans, radio hosts and record labels when you distribute your music.

If you’re in a student band or you are a struggling street busker wanting to be taken seriously, don’t go wasting your hard earned cash on happy hour at the local dive bar. Spend it on something that will benefit you and/or band in the long term. There is no point expecting to be overwhelmed by media hype if your releasing a half finished product. Your music deserves better, and we are here to make that happen!

We are an online audio mixing and mastering collective dedicated to offering quality services to independent labels and artists. As we are run by artists, for artists, we understand the needs of artists working hard to make it in the music industry. We are fast, reliable and willing to work to your budget so drop us an email and ask us how we can help you.


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