Sunflowers - student project

I'm new to using gouache. I originally used acrylic gouache for a different class project and found out that it wouldn't be useful for this class project. I went out and got regular gouache. I like the consistency better but, it still reminds me more of acrylic paint. I am used to blending colors with oil and watercolor.  I attempted to water it down like watercolor, but realized it is a lot more practice than what I thought so this project turned out to be more of a test of non-acrylic gouache and learning the consistency! I will attempt to practice with it more but for this project I just worked on layering. My drawing was very basic compared to my typical drawing style but I think I will take more time to figure out how I can effectively mesh my drawing style and this style of painting together. I felt like it was unfinished and I drew pen lines over it. Next time, I'd like to be comfortable enough to not feel like it needs it. I'm excited to practice more!Sunflowers - image 1 - student project