Sunflowers from Bottlecaps-Easy Family DIY

Sunflowers from Bottlecaps-Easy Family DIY - student project

I'm late to this challenge, but I think I can catch up! 

Last year  I created a tutorial on using water-bottle caps to create sunflowers and featured a few simple projects. The video was too long, and my audio was ruined by an annoying background noise.

I’m going to break the sections down into bite-size chunks and redo the narration.

Sunflowers only come once a year, so to make my class enticing year-round, I’m going to add two more garlands; a poinsettia garland and a one that has multi-colored spring flowers.

I’d love to hear anyone’s input on this. :)

Do you think I should add the different seasonal garlands into the intro, or should I put them at the end of the course for inspiration?

Here is my outline:

Hope I did this right!

Lucy Jennings

Lucy Anne Jennings
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