Sunflowers - Ink & water illustration

Hi everyone!

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course as well as from the participants' projects which all look fantastic!

I usually use charcoal for drawings and oil colours for paintings, but recently decided to try out watercolours so I'm new to this medium and love to try different approach. I never thought of mixing dark outlines and colour at the same time in a painting since I always thought it won't look professional and artistic to use dark outlines with colours (either black & white as in charcoal or colours without outlines in paintings) so to use watercolour with ink was really interesting concept.


As you can see my project was sunflowers which was a request from my friend to paint her sunflowers, I attached a photo of my first painting which I wasn't satisfied with, I felt something was off and this was before I took this course, after I saw the lessons I thought I would give it another try using this method of illustrations especially after I saw Carolyn O'Bayley's sunflower project here, I thought it looked amazing. I really liked the outcome! and realised my mistake was too much details and colour and not leaving white spaces.


So here is the final project, thank you so much Erin for this beautiful and informative course!



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