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Sunflowerman is a creative force from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Headed by illustrator Matthew Miller, Sunflowerman has taken four years of creative immersion in Atlanta and a Lakeshore upbringing to give the world a fine-art fashion experience. 

The name Sunflowerman has grown from a child-hood persona to a brand identity. As a young child I would attend a summer camp every summer. There a was a giant field for recreation and a lake in the middle of the woods for cooling off in the afternoons. One particluar year there was an acitivity revolving around skits. Everyone had to pull an item out of a bag and incorporate it into their skit. When, as a young boy, I pulled out a shower curtain covered in sunflower prints there was no debate in my mind. There was no thought in dissent against the only truth that could be Sunflowerman.

Sunflowerman has been illustrated and iterated for years. A character that began on a whim took form. Friends participated in the discovery of who Sunflowerman would be. Through High School and through University the name stuck and the name grew. The name Sunflowerman often evokes thoughts about super-heros and super-powers. People want to know what he stands for and why he exists. I can only say that Sunflowerman is a symbol for joy and a desire for community.

What is born is a passion for people. People are interesting and worth while. People wear clothing, People invent culture and People are beautiful.

Art is made by People.

Whatever is created is art. Created well or poor, for good or for bad it is art. Writers, philosophers, marketers and gardeners are all artists. To be human is to be a part of the act of creating art. 

People wear Clothes.

Clothing is beneficial in many ways. At times it is a covering of protection against chill winds or seering heat. At times it is a symbol of authority or camaraderie. For whatever reason all around the world people wear clothes.

Clothes are Fashion.

As a symbolic gesture to the community people wear clothes in specific ways. There is business attire and sportswear. There is high fashion and stree style. Economics, culture, and social awareness set the boundaries. Clothes make people aware of who they are and show what they believe. Fashion is the way people represent themselves in communities. Clothes are Fashion.

Fashion is Art. 

Fashion is the environment people create with the clothes they have. That space is a specific and intentional creation. What is created in that space for the sake of fashion is art.


The Sunflowerman logo is intentionally textural. A combination of a watercolor mark and vector lettering describes Sunflowerman's modern intention with traditional processes. Sunflowerman illustrates for ads, magazines and brand campaigns using traditonal watercolor techniques and modern print and digital reproduction.


Sunflowerman is a design agency focusing on Men's Fashion Illustration for Business-to-Business work and product design for Consumers. Beginning in Atlanta Sunflowerman began illustrating portraits of local gentlemen dressed in dapper uniform. From there the work grew out to boutique aesthetics with clients like Q Custom Clothier, H.Stockton and Trio Custom Clothier. Along with, Sunflowerman took to blogging to generate a weekly Men's Fashion Illustration to high-light fashion brands and icons.

The modern man has had a return to fashion consciousness. With this return is a look to the styles that have brought us to where we are now- Three piece suits and fedoras, bespoke tailoring and leather shoes. Vintage is our heritage. It is what will get us to the next evolution in fashion. We remember reading books (or we know that our parents did), we remember black and white and we remember the fashion that moved our culture for centuries.

Book-Page Fashion is the response to nostalgia and the joy in classic styles. It is for the man who enjoys looking as fresh as his grandparents and as current as his icons.

The Black and White Collection
The first Book-Page Fashion collection. It stripped down the nature of fashion to simple shapes and lines. The Black and White Collection was a chance to engage with fashion at a primal and simple level. The movement and the silhouettes speak with a sense of simplicity and refinement.


The Nostalgia Collection
The second Book-Page Collection. It takes a leap forward with color but points the viewer back to a time when suits and ties were an Everyman's attire. Bowl Caps, Cigars and Double-Breasted jackets Show us where we are now by talking to us about the past.


The Fab Collection
This third and current collection is Fabulous. Collaboration and Experimentation are the pillars of this collection. The sentimentality of nostalgia is replaced wth the joy and excitement of being a part of the present. You will see what can only be described as a fashon movement.
Fine-Art meets Fashion

coming soon

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