Sunflower - student project

Sunflower - image 1 - student projectNot as loose as I’d hoped. I have a problem with loosening up and always seem to fiddle and try to tidy the paintings. I’m not very happy with my project but the fault lies with me, not the tutor.

I think I’ll try doing this class a few more times. Hopefully the outcome will eventually loosen up.

The hints and tips in this class are extremely useful, not just for this project but for future use. I’m going to start off a book for experiments in watercolour and fill it with the examples that Kate showed us and anymore I pick up along the way.

Watercolour is probably my nemesis.
So my evaluation of this piece is -it’s not as bad as I thought it would turn out, but not the outcome I had hoped for. I’ll leave it a week or so then try it again.


Second attempt.
So two weeks later I tried again to loosen up. Second Photo shows my loose Sunflower

Third attempt 

I should have stopped after my second attempt. I tried on a hot pressed paper but it was too smooth and I lost my way with the techniques.Sunflower - image 2 - student project

Bren Curry
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