Sunflower and Jellies

Sunflower and Jellies - student project

Sunflower and Jellies - image 1 - student project

I thought this gradient activity is super useful at understanding how to do blending!

Sunflower and Jellies - image 2 - student project

Less successful at the transition color - I find it very easy to make the color muddy if you are not working with pure colors. A lot of precision activities/and my tests of whites on color didn't go well either.

Sunflower and Jellies - image 3 - student project

Did the monochrome activit with a daisy/sunflower that has a lot of petals. I really enjoyed playing with different shades with the same color, but had trouble keeping the outline strokes at a consistent thickness.

Sunflower and Jellies - image 4 - student project

For the jellyfish, I tried to create a sense of movement by having the blue one coming towards the other two, it's braking to avoid the collision :)

Need to find a white ink for the galaxy exercise now. Thank you for such an amazing class and totally got me interested in watercolor!

Nancy Xu
Trying to build a daily creative habit