Sunflower Variants

Sunflower Variants - student project

So I tried out some digital editing steps. I don't have photoshop, mainly because it's pricy, but I have Krita so I used it instead. But first things first. 

I started by painting this sunflower: 
Sunflower Variants - image 1 - student projectWell, it doesn't look this vibrant on paper, but with the magic of digital editing, everything is possible! But yeah, I am quite happy with the outcome, so I started to play with different color overlays, blend modes and variations. I ended up with this 5 variations to my original sunflower: 
Sunflower Variants - image 2 - student projectSunflower Variants - image 3 - student projectSunflower Variants - image 4 - student projectSunflower Variants - image 5 - student projectSunflower Variants - image 6 - student project




 Yeah, I really liked the blue ones, but the last one in this warm sunset tones is my favorite^^ 

The next thing I did was to just double it up for every color, so I would get something in a more extreme rectangular size, since I planned to upload it to society6 again. This is what it looks like: 
Sunflower Variants - image 7 - student projectI won't upload the double one for every color, but you get the idea^^

Since my Laptop is not that good, this few steps alone took me around 7 hours, with about 5 hours of it being just loading time for Krita to process the files in the way I wanted them to be. So this was an actual test of patience for me and I started to doubt, that a normal laptop might not be the best thing to use when doing this kind of stuff ^^

But after I had all the files, I could finally start to upload them! You can find them on society6^^


So, I hope you enjoyed it and it would mean a lot to me if you would check the designs out! 
Thanks for reading until the end :D

So long o/