Sunday with Family

Sunday with Family - student project

For this project I journaled about last Sunday's impromptu visit to my family. I was surprised how much I remembered and how much I did completely from memory even though there were several photos I took that I didn't include. 

Sunday with Family - image 1 - student project

I used primarily green supplies in drawing and captioning the entry. Grandma had been wearing a green shirt and the image of her standing with the green tubing and the green cover of the interior design magazine she gave me was fixed in my mind.


I love the line quality the Pentel Sign Pen gives for quick drawings like this and highly recommend it for anyone who loves a bouncy inking style. The erasability of the pen I used for notes helped a lot as well since my handwriting is not the prettiest.

Sunday with Family - image 2 - student project

I'm very happy with this assignment and would love to keep doing this even if only on a weekly basis!

Max Bixby
Artist and Graphic Designer