Sunday Drive


“We’re gonna be late.” she said, knowing that he was not going to move any faster. 

She’s at the door tapping her foot while he checks the house anything left running.  Satisfied that everything is off he grabs the keys and heads out the door.  She follows annoyed with him.  In the van she turns on the radio choosing a station that they both like.  She reminds him that the driveway needs to be scraped. 

“I’ve got a call into Jimmy’s.  Should hear from him sometime this week,” he replied and turns onto the road.  She settled into the book she brought for the ride.

“Wow,” he said as the car slowed, “must be city folks.”  She looked up from her book to see two cars stopped on the other side of the road and a rust colored steer standing in the middle of the road.  Slowly he inched the van forward, herding the steer to the side of the road.  A slight tap on the steer’s rump got steer moving in the right direction.   

“City folk”, he mumbled as the steer made it to the side of the road.