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Sunday Afternoon.

Doing this shoot was so awesome. It was seriously everything I wanted it to be. Jamie's house is pinterest-worthy and both ladies are stunning! I really loved utilizing the natural lighting that was in the house - one of my favorite things is shooting natural light indoors (especially when the house is uh-may-zing). It was unbelievably hard to pick just three photos, but here they are! I'll for sure be sharing more on my blog, so check back here if you want to see them (when I post the link)!

Thank you so much, Bethany, for this class! I learned so much and really appreciated the extra push this gave me to style a shoot.



My inspiration comes from the way the sun falls through closed blinds. The patterns it creates on the walls are both utterly still and silently brilliant. It fascinates me how something so bright and bold can be so quiet. 

From this I developed the idea of shooting my twin friends in their home. Think madewell on a Sunday afternoon. The weekend is coming to an end and you want to enjoy the last peaceful moments of it. The sun is shining through the windows, 'Marathon' by Tennis (CHECK THE SONG OUT SRSLY) is playing on vinyl, and pie is in the oven. 

Fashion-wise, I want comfy and warm, but still stylish. Bold colors and lots of gold. The home is very simple - bare floors, neutral walls, and fun decor. There are my models:

The one thing that is going to be a challenge for me is finding the right balance between simplicity and boldness. I'm not aiming to shoot with really contrasting shadows/light (maybe in a future shoot!), but I do love colors to pop. 


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