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SunFunder is a lending platform for high-impact solar projects. Visit us at

The problem: Over 1.5 billion people in the world lack access to eletricity and rely on dangerous and expensive kerosene for lighting. Poor, off-grid communities end up sharing about a significant third of their annual income on fuel-based energy that degrades the environment and contributes to indoor air pollution, which kills more people in a year than malaria. 

The solution: Solar power provides an affordable, practical and sustainable solution to energy poverty-stricken areas where sunshine is typically abundant. There are numerous impressive solar organisations operating on the ground, but they lack the debt financing needed to empower off-grid communities because they are either too small for venture capital or too large for microloans. SunFunder thinks crowdfunding can fill in this financing gap because we believe people around the world would lend to these businesses if they could.

In a nutshell: Invest in solar empowerment for off-grid communities around the world! Not only do you get your loans repaid (we've had 100% return rate thus far), but earn Impact Points with each repayment to reinvest and grow your impact. Impact Points are what we currently offer instead of interest payments because of the limitations we face with complex securities and investment regulations. Learn more about Impact Points here.

So far we've been able to grow by simply word-of-mouth and some lucky mentions by the press. One of the strategies we have thought to implement is a referral program in which investors gain Impact Points if a friend signs up for an account through a referral code. Since Impact Points isn't as enticing as real hard cash like what Gilt and PayPal offers, I'd like to hear what people think of this strategy, and which would work best in your opinion:

  • Low reward for the act of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email (~10 points)
  • Medium reward if someone makes an account from referral code (~100 points)
  • High reward if someone makes an account and invests in a project (~500 points)
  • Or all of the above should be implemented at once?

We can probably undertake other strategies from this course but for now we'd like to gather feedback about this one. Thanks for your input!