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Sun and Stars

After a couple years as a designer at a screen printing company, I decided to take a break from Illustrator and Photoshop for a few months, and instead I have been focusing on more hand drawn illustrations and patterns. I saw this class and contest and I thought this was a great project to dive back into the digital world of design. It seems like a perfect opportunity to mix the style of graphics that I’m used to with this newer illustration-driven textile design that I’ve really come to love.

1. Rad Emalco Mugs


2. Sketches

I wanted to sway away from my comfort zone of the standalone graphics and typography-based graphics, and instead create a wrap around illustrative design. The idea behind the ‘Sun & Stars’ theme is pretty simple—these are the two constants on any camping trip. I like how each side of the mug highlights the times of day that most people, especially hikers and campers, would be using it. Waking up to a nice cup o’ joe at sunrise, and relaxing with some tea or hot chocolate by the fire as the stars come out.


3. Final Designs on Templates

I mixed and matched some existing templates so I could better show the wrap around detail for each color way.




I don’t think Emalco has access to a metallic gold, so I did this color way mainly for myself since I love grey with gold detail. Thought I’d share just for kicks.


A few detail views:


Some technicalities that may end up being relevant:

Printing—I used a stipple brush in illustrator to create shading. Based on a couple pre-existing Emalco mugs that use halftones, it looks like their print process for the decals uses a pretty fine mesh screen that can support these small details. If not, I could always make the dots larger.

Brand—The text on the bottom can easily be replaced with Emalco’s logo.

Versatility—The elements of the design can be picked apart and reworked for other Emalco products, giving them the ability to create a cohesive collection with enough variation to keep each product interesting. The clouds, especially, are really nice since I can draw them in virtually any shape, to fit any area.

- - - - - - -

Let me know what you think! I’m happy to hear what’s working and what’s not—I don’t have too much time to rework details but I’ll do what I can before the deadline tomorrow!

Thanks for checking out the project :)


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