Ana Zdravic

arts lover & cognitive science Master's student



Sun Flowers


Hi Alex Thank you for teaching a great class. I hope you teach another class soon because this is a concept I really want to develop... 

I applied your ideas on making the text unpredictable with my current inspirations, graphic style and the expressivess of caligraphy. If the inspiration is not clear, that's okay because I wanted to create something new. 

The word I illustration was 'Sun" and the font I chose for the "flowers" was Phosphate. The body text i Bodoni. 

I wrote the text and took the photographs, too. 

To give it an editorial feel, I added the page numbers and "lifestyle" topic because that is where this spreaad will fit in a magazine. 

I tried to have fun with it, like you said. I wonder what you will think... 


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