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Riz Ainuddin

You are able to cope what you are burden with



Sumo-ling Progress Project

Gigs on Craigslist I can do work for

Find 1 person you can do FREE work for.

Can I work with you @NoahKagan remotely for FREE? :))

Email on pre-selling an Ebook.


Hi <name>,

Hope this email finds you well. 

I have a new book coming out. Yay! It's an ebook on How to make the best butter cake on the planet! It includes very detailed instructions, tools you need, the right brand of ingredients and even a video of me hosting showing it. 

The type of cake where you neighbours will be begging for it. 

I would like to get some honest feedback on this book. It's $10 only via PayPal. Click on this link below to download a copy it

Looking forward to the feedback guys.


Riz A.


How would I valide eBay?

  1. Identified that Ebay is in the business of helping people find stuff. 
  2. I have a few friends who are selling sneakers, cars, laptops, smartphones.
  3. I would make a deal with them if I'm able to find a buyer I earn 10% of the total fees.
  4. I start with my family, friends and send them a message if they are interested in these items.
  5. Keep doing it for 48 hours and target 3 customers. 

Reflecting on pass business that either failed to archived

  1. Thinking back on why some of the business ideas didn't move was because of I think deep too much.
  2. Worrying about people not wanting to buy it.
  3. Didn't know how I needed to check if the product was wanted by the masses.
  4. I don't have a technical background and felt that was a big challenge.
  5. Lack of the drive to pursue that idea to reality.


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