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Summoner's Will (Story Illustration)

Hello! I write as well, so I decided to use a sketch idea I'd had for a story I'm writing, called Summoner's Will, featuring its main characters. I have a mix of general cardstock, specialty paper, and scrapbook paper, so I used a little of each. I thumbnailed a little to flesh out the idea more and came up with a nice rough sketch.


I used the mat as a stencil to get the proportions, fixed a few character design errors, and worked up the detailed sketch to be copied.


As I was working, I realized it helped a lot to outline my planned cuts in highlighter, especially where I was able to cut several things out of a single copy.


Patterned srapbooking scissors helped get the fluffy look for the pink dress accent. Once everything was cut out, I painted details like faces and fabric shadows with gouache.


(I'm not sure why these two are loading sideways. I can't seem to fix it.)

All that was left was gluing it into the mat and pulling a few pieces up to cast more of a shadow.

Here's the final product!



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