"Summery Guitar"

"Summery Guitar" - student project


"Summery Guitar" - image 1 - student project


"Summery Guitar" - image 2 - student project

My friend who's a photographer took this photo of me, while we were talking and joking around. He was taking a bunch of photos and this one looked really candid and natural, so I decided to go with this one.

I was aiming for a subtle edit and wanted to bring out the summery vibe in the photo, as it was shot mid-summer in very warm weather.

I did the basic technical edits first, where the auto-WB make the photo slightly warmer, which was in line with what I was aiming for.

Then I applied 80% of was we went through during the course. From lowering the highlights and raising the shadows to adjusting the HSL of the different colors and using the adjustment brush to tweak highlights of the surroundings (and much more).

Any constructive criticism is highly appreciated - Let me know what you think!