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Ann Kilzer

I love pattern, type, and printmaking.



Summertime Cool

Initial sketches & brainstorming: Dots

More sketches: Dots and Lines:

Here I made a grid repeat tile. That tip on "Outline" mode in Illustrator is really helpful!

I made a pair of contrasting tiles: Volume / Surface

The volume one really pops, the other one is kind of flat (no pun intended). In the spirit of vectorization (i.e. only changing one element of the piece) I kept the colors and relative shape sizes similar.

Tonight I made a pair out of one of my drawings: Rough / Smooth

Here's a mandala I colored for the color mixing exercise. This is so helpful. I could mix inks in real life but digital color was a real challenge before I learned this technique.

Here are some color swatches I developed from some pictures found online. I have always been drawn to cool colors, with a little bright orange or pink thrown in. 

The colors I chose lean towards cooler colors with a few bright pops of pink, orange, and yellow-green. They are bright and remind me of summer colors.

Here are my colorways: 

Soda pop (orange vs. grape)

Bright sunny day

Tide Pool

I made this third pattern using my typewriter, and then vectorizing the letter jumble I had made. What do you think?


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