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Summercamp of Doom

So at first i thought i just wanted to work on some badges with an outdoor theme and started brainstorming/mindmapping.

After working on that for a little bit, i thought that, since i can do whatever i want here, it would be more fun do do something a little more interesting and came up with the idea of instead of just badges, i could make map markers (or blips or whatever those things are called) and play with the whole outdoor subject a bit so i decided to make markers for a map about 80s summercamp/outdoor horror movies. 

I started with a veeeery rough sketch, just outlining and visualising the idea and potential elements like the usual old gas station with rednecks, the campsite, fun activities like canoeing or archery, skinny dipping, the obligatory cabin in the woods, etc.

Then i started with first sketch ideas, trying out different things and different perspectives. Initially i wanted to keep with the very geometric flat style but then i also wanted to try out another style and liked the idea of adding a more realistic perspective to it.

After that i started working on a colour palette. I got my initial inspiration from Moonrise Kingdom and then kept at it from there. I made a whole bunch of colour swatches and then reduced them to only 6 that i thought worked well together.

Then i started working on the badges in illustrator. I tried something flat again but very quickly decided against it. Here's my initial sketch just for kicks :)

After that i worked on something more 3 dimensional with more of a retro style to it

Liking this, i went on to create a few more first drafts for other badges.

I then went and added and played around with a little more detail to give them more life.

Once i was happy with them i tried out several styles to make them into actual badges or icons.

I also worked on the colour a little more and ended up with this now, which i am pretty happy with even though i'll play around with the font a little more.

I know they're pretty open on top which makes it more difficult to use on a map but i'm currently working on one that has the same perspective. This way i can leave the sky white so that the badges don't get swallowed up in the rest of the graphic.


I finally added a map/landscape for context and a dramatic title!


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