Summer weddings

Summer weddings - student project

After a couple of weeks without arting and being in bed with a cold, I feel rusty, hahaha!! sounds so weird, after only 2 weeks. I sat down, started sketching, then painting... and I couldn't even paint proper leaves. I was like "...what's wrong with you hand? I'm sure you know this". Maybe it's the cold, I'm still sick but I have enough energy to do stuff.  Anyway, I wanted to join the fun and paint! Feels so good to be back learning! :D

Summer weddings - image 1 - student project

I'll head to the leaves class now because I'm having issues using an 8 round Cotman brush, can't make thin tips and round bellies for my leaves. It gets better when doing bigger sized leaves, but still not quite what I want. :D

Definitely need to use bigger paper, Irina was right, I think a lot of my struggles have been because I try to achieve detail with smaller paper and bigger brushes. Smaller brushes could probably work, I don't know, but I do feel painting bigger is better when still learning.


Thank you Irina!


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