Summer in the South

Summer in the South - student project

I'm a graphic designer from South Carolina, and I do a lot of t-shirt and promotional design work.

For this project I'm planning to design a t-shirt label that provides some insight into a southern summer. 

When I start a new project, I like to pick 2-3 key words to keep the design focused and on track. I adopted this method when I realized how much I enjoy reasearching and gather lots and lots and lots of data. Having these keywords definitely helps me sort through the images and data to find what really matches the aesthetic I'm aiming to acheive.

For this project, I have chosen rustic, southern, and preppy southern. These words have led me down the path of looking at outdoor images, vintage beer labels, custom typogaphy, simple illustration, and lots of food. 

Mood Board:

Summer in the South - image 1 - student project

Since my last post, I've done some brainstorming on what exactly a summer in the south really means and here's what I've got:  BBQ, grilling, baseball, firecrackers, swimming at the lake, dock, sweet tea, front porch, rocking chairs, hiking, camping, camp fire, hammocks, target practice, tracter rides, cobbler, peaches, homemade ice-cream, gardening. 

Three ideas I decided to start sketching include the camfire, wagon/tractor wheel, and guns.

Summer in the South - image 2 - student project