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Summer in a Jar

Hey All,

This will be my first project on Skillshare although I've already watched many interesting tutorials since I signed up half a year ago.

First of all sorry for my English and typos, I do my best but English isn't my native language. I am Hungarian and we always speak and write in long, complicated sentences. Sometimes I do this in English too and usually by the time I get to the end of the sentence, nobody remembers how it started. :D

It's hard to get close to nature now, here where I live (Montreal, Canada). We had two days of massive snowstorm and it's freezing outside, brrr. But I realized that one of my favorite hobby is closely related to nature: cooking.

What's better during a snowy day than pulling out a nice jar of home-made tomato sauce and make some deliciously fragrant pasta with basil and garlic... yummy! So I decided to chose vegetables as the main focus of my pattern. Who knows, maybe this project can help me to get over the "it's-the-end-of-the-winter-but-it's-still-snowing" blues.

I do my best to post updates often. 

Here's my mood board:

And for fun, I take a photo of some fruits and veggies I found in the fridge. Poor baby carrotts could never make it back, they ended in my tummy. :P


One of the best attractions here in Montreal is the Jean Talon Market in Little Italy (the biggest farmer's market in North America). During the summer many families start there their Saturdays. I love to visit it and walk between the ailes even if I don't need to buy anything. There's no color or shape that you can't find here, so it's a wonderful inspiration for graphic designers. These photos I took last summer:

I'm going to use these beside the mood board for this project.


I used this photo for the colors:

I think I still need to work on the colors. They are very bright and it might be to much, to vivid if I mix them.


OK, so I made some sketches and drew some of the veggies with my Wacom (it's really useful to have one). I've never used the blob brush tool, so it was a great new experience.
Some sketches:

My phrase will be "Summer in a Jar":

And a few illustrations made in Illustrator. 

So finally I had some time to make some compositions and make the first pattern. Putting together the pattern was the hardest part of the whole process. Not because the technical side of making patterns. It's more about finding the right place for each motifs and filling the white space. I could really see the repeating in my first 3 pattern and I wanted something more seamless. These are the main motifs I used:

I filled the space with the rosmary and thyme leaves and some individual tomatoes. This was the 4th pattern version (and the first one I liked):

I made the jar by live tracing a drawing and used it as a background for my phrase. I also made a version with dark background:

As you can see, I didn't used all the veggies I drew, simply because I found it was to much, too crowded. So instead I focused on just one veggie + herbs. So I think the next step will be to make an other version for the eggplant and maybe one more for cucumbers. 

I hope by the time I get to the next pattern I will have a better sense for filling the whitespaces. That was the most difficult part for me so far.


A quick shopping bag mockup, just for fun:



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