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Summer in Savannah slows the Jackrabbit down

My phrase is from a song by Iron & Wine. It's not my favorite tune of theirs but I have alot of things bouncing around in my head when I hear these words. Here are the words that came out.

And I made a secret board on Pinterest ... 

I chose Savannah to do different variations:

I really like the rabbit. 


March 2 - Sketch 1: I have some spacing issues. (did not even put the word rabbit) hmmm...must've been tired. Next will probably be a sketch for thumbnail #3.

March 8 - I highly recommend sketching with a blanket, pillow and

Sketch 2:

May 4: So fiiiiiinally getting around to inking and choosing colors...

I remember stepping outside once in the summer and thinking that just because it's night that it's a little cooler - but sometimes the air is so thick even at night.

I'm obsessed with aqua/mint so I had to use it once.  :)

But even though I'm obsessed with aqua, I think this is more fitting...

All comments are appreciated guys thanks!


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