Summer fruits

Summer fruits - student project



I'm really a fan of Cat Coq, was almost first to upload... almost...


I'm not done with the digitizing (1200 DPI makes everything very slow...), cleaning and such, I will definitely try to make patterns, clear BG and the works. I like the citrus one a lot. Pretty happy with my color choices for the citrus flowers. 

 Summer fruits - image 1 - student project

Cherry blossoms and melon are a bit meh... I didn't use my usual paper and it didn't really give me the results I wanted, I usually get so much texture out of this pigment... I will probably redo the melon one, I can’t get over it..

 Summer fruits - image 2 - student projectSummer fruits - image 3 - student project

As usual awesome class! Can't wait for the next one! Meanwhile, I really need to learn how to Instagram properly… making tons of artwork is easy and fun, digital work, easy and fun, making patterns, easy and fun…  Instagram.. so difficult Will upload the kiwi later ;)


Here is the little fluffy guy ;) 

Summer fruits - image 4 - student project


I've redone the melon, it was just bothering me too much :


Summer fruits - image 5 - student project

Anyway, here I am on instagram

And on Art Station :