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Summer Trip to the Oregon Coast

June, 2015

I'll be taking a trip to the Oregon coast over the Fourth of July weekend. I'll be shooting with a Pentax K1000, 35mm camera on Fujicolor Pro 400H film. I'll get the film developed as soon as I'm back and post the three different photos...sunrise, sunset, and at night. I'm posting this right now, to keep myself accountable and make sure I post the photos once I return. 

Until next time!

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I finally developed the film from our trip to Waldport, Oregon this past summer. It's always exciting looking at the photos on the film strip for the first time after they are developed. This is what I love about shooting on film. I don't get that instant feedback I get when I'm using a DSLR or iphone. It forces me to really think through each shot.

After watching Chris' class, I shot these photos with these thoughts in mind: explore new light sources during diffent times of day, search for dramatic shots (seperation of figure from the background), and re-evaluating my landscape situtations.

Here are the three photos from the weekend.



On this shot–the evening of the Fourth of July–we were tossing around the frisbee on the beach while I waited for the sun to set. The sun began to set behind this haze of ocean mist and marine layer which created this soft light for the sunset. It was perfect for this silhouette photo.



What else would you take pictures of on the Fourth of July at night? 



The morning after, my wife and father-in-law went for a walk on Seal Beach in search of agates. During my time staying on the beach in Oregon, I realized I wasn't going to get a dramatic sunrise shot with bright and dynamic lighting. This morning was a foggy and misty morning with the cool ocean breaze hitting our faces. I thought that this photo worked well in black and white, giving it a timeless quality. I like that I can't place this photo in a specefic time period.

Thanks for teaching the class Chris. I learned a lot and enjoyed leaning more about your thought process before, during, and after a shoot.


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