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Summer Sweets - 2 week pattern Challenge


This is my first time ever making a pattern and a moodboard, and the mood board was harder than I thought! I wanted to add so many things, but I eventually trimmed things down and tried to find a more coheisive color scheme. 

I was inspired by watching the first lesson on how Elizabeth referred back to her childhood on how she was surrounded by patterns. I went back to mine and kept coming back to my summers in Neuvo Laredo and Saltillo. And how much of it was surronding myself with these sweets I could only get when we went to visit our family in Mexico. You may see some familiar sweets in this board, but believe me they are not the same as the Mexican version ;) 

For my first pattern I want to play with exploring these sweets and the playful mood and joy they brought me. The textures in the wafer cookies, the swirls on the pan conchita, and the patterns found where I would eat these snacks, the kitchen! Growing up and visiting family and family friends in Mexico, their kitchens always had lovely tiled motifs with designs. I'm really excited and having fun already :)


Updated 6.25.2015

Working on some doodles and starting on the pattern, still not a complete pattern so please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on what I have so far! Thank you :D 

Updated 6.30.2015

Final Pattern below along with some mockups using photos from creative market :)






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