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Summer Sunset in Toronto

For my submission, I worked with an old image that I captured in Summer 2014.

The image was taken on Toronto's Centre Island and features a couple sitting on a picnic bench absorbing the beautiful summer sunset across Toronto's skyline.

The first edit that I applied to the image was to process it in Snapseed to straighten the horizon and add some structure to the clouds in the sky.

Next, I used the Retouch App to remove the trees from the sides of the image, so that I can keep the full skyline without applying a crop.

Then, I processed the image in VSCO and this was the final result.

For my second edit, I took this image and processed in it Pixlr. I wanted to push the image a little more on the surreal side, so I applied a poster edit. The effect basically created a coloured inverse image, so the detail in the clouds were replaced with dark spots in the sky, so I used the Retouch app again to clean up the sky.

For my third edit, I returned to the original image and I decided that I wanted to try for an edit that gave me some separation between the couple in the foreground and the skyline in the background. I used Photoshop Express and applied a square crop, while using the Haze preset plus some other minor adjustmnents.


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