Summer Strawberries

The inspiration for this pattern came from a recent family trip to a nearby strawberry farm.




Strawberries are such a great summer fruit and especially my younger daughter loves them so much. So I wanted to capture the strawberry fun and the feeling of summer in a pattern. And I also wanted a painterly texture to the pattern. A while ago, I discovered painting with ink on yupo paper and I made these textural marks.


I scanned the images and started my pattern making process. To keep the painterly style I decided to use Photoshop instead of Illustrator, but the way of arranging a pattern is quite the same. I cut out different shapes and moved them around the artboard to create this repeating pattern:


It is called "strawberries and pink cream". I also tested it out as a mock-up, using a darker green for the background.


When my daughter saw the image of the strawberry pattern on the computer screen, she shouted happily: "Yummy strawberries!" Mission accomplished.


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