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Summer Solstice

Hello new lettering friends! It's such a joy to be here. I've learned a lot from this class and THANK YOU to Michelle and Tristan. 

I volunteer at the Florida School of Holistic living. Since I do social media marketing professionally, that's what I do for them! Since I also do lettering has a hobby, they occasionally ask me to letter posts for them. They have a huge following throughout the nation, so of course I'm nervous but take advantage of the opportunity nonetheless. 

Summer solstice is commencing on June 21st. So this piece is to honor the summer solstice and to have a kick ass post to celebrate it!

Critique is welcome. Here in Orlando, the lettering community is nonexistant, so it'd be great to befriend likeminded individuals. If you want to nerd out on lettering talk aside from this class, I'd love to! Email me at [email protected]





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