KayCee K Wingfield

Writer, bogger, & writer promoter



Summer Ride

Story: Summer Ride

Main Character: Olivia Williams

Description: Has blonde hair with dark roots, perfect teeth (Her father is a dentist.) Pink lips, (Bubble-gum lip gloss is her favorite.) She always wears sunglass because she thinks her blue eyes are too common. 5'6', Light tan skin.

Personality traits: Happy, likes adventures, loyal

Habits/mannerisms: Wears dark sun-glasses, bits nails while deciding

Background: When Olivia meet Noah on her birthday, witch happened to be his birthday, she thought it was fate and they been best fiends since.

Flaws: Says what's on her mind at all times.

Internal/External conflict: What's more freedom then her dads will allow, when her and Noah get their drivers incense things go to far more then once, she learns the hard way that her dads know what's right.



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