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Summer Poultry Blues

EXCERPT: OF ALL THE FARMS in the Pastures of Heaven the one most admired was that of Raymond Banks. Raymond kept five thousand white chickens and one thousand white ducks. The farm lay on the northern flat, the prettiest place in the whole country. Raymond had laid out his land in squares of alfalfa and of kale. His long, low chicken houses were whitewashed so often that they looked always immaculate and new. There was never any of the filth so often associated with poultry farms, about Raymond's place. The local people looked upon this place as the model farm of the valley.

Reason:  The reason I chose Chapter 9 of THE PASTURES of HEAVEN specifically, was due to the fact of visiting Coral di Tierra as a kid and partaking in hunting trips, where my Uncle Dennis would show me and my twin how to clean out a deer's insides. As a kid, seeing that, it really stuck in my head and for the most part, you understand a certain lifestyle away from a city life. This is how these country folks live and even make a living. In terms of being in the country, it is just you, nature and your neighbors, who aren't in your backyard, but rather acres and acres away. There's an essence of peace and mind, but also mystery even amongst your neighbors. Anywhere you live, you'll question your neighbors life, yet just imagine placing yourself, in the valley of The Pastures of Heaven where your given a perspective upon an All-American man who is certain that one way is correct, even though he hadn't seen the truth in himself, of what he was becoming.

ADAPTATION:  Adapting this story is quite intriguing, in terms of all the possibilities it contains of such a development of a character. Raymond starts off as that idolized figure for the boys, but all it took was a fresh face and a fresh point-of-view of a new-neighbor, Bert Munroe, who has had such past experiences in life that alert his psyche instantly towards someone who isn't aware of their own well-being.

My GOAL:  My goal is to ensure that Steinbeck's tale is properly enthralled with a cinematic appeal and for the most part, I'd like to place this story in the 1950's. Because all in all, the location of The Pastures of Heaven could be taken place in any era in time, due to it's natural beauty and old-school characters. My goal is to reiterate Raymond Banks, by mirrorring my Uncle, who is indeed an old cowboy himself! 

LOGLINE:  All-American Raymond Banks is confronted at a barbecue, by new-neighbor Bert Munroe, about his trips to San Quentin, leaving Raymond to reevaluate his psyche.




ED, the Warden

Mrs. Banks

CHILDREN of the Valley

ABOUT the WRITER:  My name is Michael Aliotti, a Sicilian-American, born and raised in Monterey,CA. I grew up with Steinbeck's books in class and always seeing his statue around Cannery Row. Growing up I had two decisions to either work in the trades, or go to school. I chose to become a filmmaker. My purpose in life is to bring and heighten Cinema in the Central Coast, due to it's natural beauty it truly deserves.

INSPIRATION: I am in love with the Western and Horror Genre, yet this story is quite humane, being Steinbeck and all. But Steinbeck's horror reflects heavily upon interpersonal-subject matter that is realistic. Two feature films that I put in my head within the writing process are: COLD in JULY and KILLER JOE. Killer Joe because of the style and overall the story of CHAPTER 9 (SPRING POULTRY) really shows the world of classes in a country atmosphere. Though Chapter 9 is a bit more spiritual. Killer Joe, though, I just like the overall-look, kinda like a Grindhouse film from the late 60's, so yeah, shooting on Film would be preferrable for this short.

Music that makes me feel match this short-film is that of, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper's - WRECK on the HIGHWAY. A line that is repeatedly sung in the chorus of this track, " I didn't hear nobody pray", reflects Raymond Banks' sense of how he handles death, and that my friends is absolutely cold, just like Michael C. Hall's performance in DEXTER. 





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