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Summer Lake

Hi Yuko, here are some of my Ink inspired Projects that you awakened in me.

Your video was so informative and i am glad i used it for my research for an ink and wash class that i did.I have used ink as a sketching medium for years and it was great to pick up some tips from you.

The Asian brushes have been in my hands for about 20 years now and they gave me quite a learning curve in the beginning. I love them and use them in lots of projects.

I used a Black archival pen for the 'Spring Mountain' and a quill pen and brush pen dipped into Watermans waterproof ink for the 'Summer Lake' project.

Watercolor was washed over both projects. 

I did some computer enhancement with Summer Lake, adding reflective vertical bands of light in the water.

Here is the color picture for Spring Mountain followed by the original Ink sketch, done outside along the Slocan River, which is aboutn ten minutes from my home.



Summer Lake is a work in progress as I would like to continue with a digital enhancement.

I used an Asian Brush, Occidental brush, quill pen, calligraphy pen,and fountain pen.

Exploring new tools can be a great adventure.Thanks Yuko for your calm confident instruction.



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