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Summer Gin & Tonic

There's something so refreshing about a simple g&t on a hot day.

For this pattern, I wanted to create a playful, feminine design that doesn't scream "THIS WAS BASED ON A COCKTAIL", but is still inspired by all the beautiful herbs/berries/garnishes that go into the distilling process and actual recipe for a gin and tonic. 

To start, I becan collecting a bunch of images I liked the colours, textures and overall mood of and tried to think how I could incorporate them into my pattern. Here's a moodboard of some of my faves:


Then, I started gathering images that I could create my illustrations from and researched gin ingredients (juniper, angelica, and coriander are all featured in my final pattern), here are some photos I used as a guide for my illustrations:


After that, I got to sketching, here's what that sort of looked like:



Before I started on the computer, I started playing with some other illustration techniques and started to think about how this might come to life. I did a few watercolour drawings and played around with some calligraphy to get the creative juices flowing:


Finally, I got into illustrator and started tracing my elements and piecing together my pattern. The cover image is my favourite version, but I also played with a couple different colourways and a different design. I ended up with four patterns that I'm really pleased with: 

01. My original design


02. A More neutral background


03. Light Green Background


04. Different element layout, really like the movement in this one. 


This was a super fun class, Bonnie! Even though I've been using illustrator for years as a graphic designer, I feel like I picked up some great new tricks in this class that I'll use regularly. Also, really got the hang of using the Wacom tablet my boyfriend recently gave me and use it almost daily now! 

I'm looking forward to continue working on creating some patterns, I'm thinking of doing a series based on cocktail recipes now that I've started with that theme. 

I also opened a shop on Society6 because my boyfriend wants to buy a rug with this pattern for our house! :D You can check it out here:


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