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Katherine S.

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Summer Drink :)

I did it ! :) It doesn't look amazing but a good and fun start


I think we all deserve a cool martini during the hot summer period (not that I'm such a drinker!). I made a little mistake with the straw, it should connect with the olive but I had the lines already completed so didn't want to go back on them and start from scratch.

I animated a drink glass icon because I tought an entire word will be a bit difficult with so many lines to handle. Once I have finished I used a simple image for the background and instead of putting stroke over the pre-composed material from the last lecure I have used an awesome effect "4 gate gradient" and it automatically put so many nice colors on the lines :) I also made a fill color instead of only a stroke color for two of the lines just to see how that looks and it turned out really nice, so I'm happy about the end result. Thank you for this awesome class!

The gif was always too big, I made it 64 colors, and 400 pixels wide.


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