Summer Cottage

Summer Cottage - student project

I love the Unsplash website - such a great resource.  Again, great tips and a fun class!  I really enjoyed searching for the image and then picking my colors to find out the names of these colors online.  I used some of the names, but made up some of my own that I felt had a better descriptor.  I can't wait to make more color schemes using this template for ideas moving forward.  It makes for a great starting point for a project.  I also will be taking the color class to learn more about the color wheel.  Thanks for all the great resources!!!

I imagined this photo is the kitchen table of a little summer cottage where there is an entire garden full of flowers, especially hydrangeas!  I've been to some great cottages that do actually have those hydrangeas and it's so beautiful!

Summer Cottage - image 1 - student project